I'm aubrie! 


Thanks for stopping by! My passion is taking photographs (which goes very well with my love for oceans, autumn leaves, and laughing candids!) Photography has truly changed the way I view the world. It has taught me to find the beauty in every moment. I live in Orange Country, California and graduated from the University of California: Chico where I studied Media Arts and Photography. I learned so much and life has been so good to me. I've got a family who supports everything I do, friends who inspire me, a boyfriend who makes me laugh, and a killer coffee maker ;).  Life is such a gift and all its moments deserve to be remembered in such a way that shows who you are. This is my goal as a photographer; whether you're graduating, getting married, having a baby, or just need to get the family together for portraits, I'm here to make those moments last. If you want to know more...here are 5 fun facts about me!

  1. I can't stand chocolate... I know, I'm sorry. :D

  2. I'm only slightly obsessed with Ed Sheeran...I may or may not have cried listening to his new album.

  3. Essential oils, yoga, vegan food, and homemade anything are the reasons why I'm a hippie at heart.

  4. I am quite the coffee snob...no shame.

  5. I am always first to laugh in a staring contest